Mr. L’s story

„illustrative photo – Jindřich Štreit“

Mr L. from Ostrava was contacted by our street workers on a park bench. It was actually just a few days ago that he still had lived in a sublet. Unfortunately, he was assaulted and robbed of his ID card and all his money. He had no close friends or family around him, so he had no one to turn to for help. By losing his ID card, he could not even get his old-age pension at the post office. In addition, everything took place during the emergency lockdown time. We took Mr L. to our Hostel that operated 24/7, because of COVID-19 crisis. He spent about a month with us like this, during which we helped him take care of everything he needed, including an application to the Hostel. Today, he lives in a Hostel and together with our social workers he works on steps towards independent living in a social flat.