How it works

One Nocleženka is assigned to each transaction. We distribute the vouchers to social workers, who then pass them on to people in need.

Within a few days after you purchase a Nocleženka, we will send you a confirmation e-mail with an expression of thanks and information on the operation of the project.

Every purchased Nocleženka voucher has its own number. When “your” Nocleženka is used, we will send you an e-mail. Please be patient, as the vouchers are usually purchased in waves, so it can sometimes happen that they are used several weeks after purchase. You needn’t worry, as every Nocleženka will find a person to help.

If you would like to physically obtain a Nocleženka and personally give it to a homeless person, you can purchase it upon prior agreement at the Salvation Army headquarters or at individual centres.

Price of a Nocleženka

The basic price is CZK 100. However, if you decide to contribute a larger amount, we will be very grateful and we will use all of the money for the direct care of homeless people.

Payment by bank transfer

If it is more convenient for you to purchase a Nocleženka by bank transfer, please send the given amount to account number 475335613/0300, VS: 20170112, and enter the word Noclezenka in the note.

Please do not forget to also provide your e-mail address to us – either in the payment note or by e-mail – so that we can inform you when the Nocleženka that you purchased has been used. Thank you.

The project’s period of operation

The project is usually in operation from the end of November until the end of April – i.e. in cold weather. Of course, you can purchase a Nocleženka at any time. We will prepare those that you buy in the summer and autumn months for immediate distribution with the arrival of the first freezing nights.