Čermák’s story

The life journey of the Čermák couple was not easy at all. Mr František was a successful businessman, however, after a serious illness and the death of his wife, it all went downhill with him, his business went bankrupt, a serious accident came, due to which he is still in a wheelchair and this all caused a bad mental state. The situation went so far that he lost his house and found himself on the street. He spent several months on the street until a friend introduced him to the Salvation Army. There, after several months, he met his current wife, Pavla, and it was love at first sight. Mrs Pavla found herself on the street after the death of her husband. Their children were already grown up and independent at that time, but they did not have enough funds to take care of their mother. Mrs Pavla got the recommendation to turn to the Salvation Army, where thanks to the Night Voucher project she could spend nights in the warm place. This was followed by a transfer to a Hostel, and since February 2020, the Čermák couple has finally lived together in a social apartment in Prague.