Milan’s story

„illustrative photo – Jindřich Štreit“

Milan was also one of the users who benefited from help in the form of Nocleženka vouchers. He was our long-term client of outpatient services, but working with him was very difficult. Furthermore, his health had deteriorated rapidly in recent years. We caught his situation in time and Nocleženka vouchers played a major role in that. We managed to arrange for Milan an ID card and an insurance card and we filled out his application to the Přístav home. We also registered him with the Labour Office and submitted an application for the provision of material-need benefits. Despite all of that, he was still without funds. Therefore, we decided to give Milan several Nocleženka vouchers and we kept them for him at our care facility so that he would not lose them. We explained to him that he could sleep in a hostel without any problems and we strongly encouraged him not to sleep outside because of the risk of freezing to death. Over the next few days, the Přístav home informed us that there was a vacancy for Milan and we took him there. Milan is very well cared for at the Přístav home, where he still resides. We wish him much success in the next chapter of his life.