Karel’s story

„illustrative photo – Jindřich Štreit“

Karel was brought to a hostel by an ambulance after a basic medical examination in an emergency room. For the previous four days, he had been in the basement of a rental house, where he was noticed by the tenants, who gave him water and called an ambulance. Karel was physically and mentally exhausted, and he ate and drank only a little. He was disoriented, had no documents with him, and he could not remember if they had been stolen or lost. He was unable to say whether he was registered with the Labour Office or had been rejected. It was not possible to arrange anything with him, as he felt weak. Karel was given Nocleženka vouchers and after three nights spent in the hostel, during which he was in a warm place and received soup with bread, he recovered a bit. In the course of the following days, our workers helped him get an ID card and an insurance card and visited the doctor with him several times. Karel is now stabilised and for the time being he is receiving material-need benefits and looking for work so that he can again be self-sufficient.