Eduard’s story

Eduard is an orphan with a very complicated nature whose life story is full of twists and turns. Under the communist regime, he was sent to do forced labour in uranium mines. After the revolution, he began to struggle with the main nemesis of his life, gambling. Fortune once smiled on him and he won a large amount of money. Unfortunately, he soon lost everything due to his addiction. Since then, he has lived alternately on the street and with his girlfriend. Because of his complicated nature, he does not have any friends and he therefore has a very negative view of the world. With advancing age, Eduard’s stubbornness increased and life on the street became more and more problematic for him. A year and a half ago, he suffered a stroke, which he luckily survived, but since then he has been able to walk only with crutches. He himself claims that he would “rather have his right leg amputated”. Our field social worker got to know him a year ago. Eduard initially did not trust him at all and refused to answer questions, and it seemed that he had fully resigned himself to his life situation. Over time, our worker visited Eduard every day, often sitting side-by-side with him, looking at the world around them. Despite all expectations, he managed to take Eduard to a general practitioner, who did a great job. In spite of Eduard’s original distrust of people and social phobia, our social worker managed to apply for an apartment with care services for Eduard, who was approved and is now waiting to move in. Until the apartment is available, Eduard is coming to the Salvation Army day centre every day and, thanks to Nocleženka, he can spend the night in the hostel. Eduard is beginning to trust people again and is actively sorting out his financial situation. He hopes that he will live the autumn of his life in peace and with a positive attitude toward the world. We wish him a truly happy end to the story of his life.